Trojan War Facts – What really happened?

The Trojan War is one of the stories known to many. This was the conflict during the Bronze Age. This involved the kingdoms Mycenaean Greece and Troy. This will always be straddled in the history. It has been a crucial part of mythology as well featuring the ancient Greece. Basically, this inspired a lot of writers in coming up with ideas that struck the world. Among these were Sophocles, Herodotus and even Homer. This was one of the implications brought by the occurrence. There are still many Trojan War facts that owe to be discovered. What are these?

The site of Troy, together with its rediscovery, transpired in the 19th century. This is now known as the western Turkey. There were archeologists who were involved in uncovering the kingdom’s evidence. There were claims that this was put into destruction way back 1,180 BC. This even triggered in forming tales. This was recounted by Homer by then. It transpired 400 years in the popular Odyssey and Iliad.

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The narrative

A lot of narratives say that the war started when the then Queen Helen was abducted. She was reigning in Sparta during this time. The abduction was initiated by Prince Paris. Her husband Menelaus was influenced by Agamemnon, his brother. The latter was acting the king of Mycenae. This was led to the retrieval of the queen. This was attained through an expedition. Achilles also joined Agamemnon. Achilles was known as one of the Greek heroes. He was with Ajax, Odysseus and Nestor. There was also a fleet that accompanied them in the process. The ships were then perceived all over the world of Hellenic. During the venture, the Aegean Sea was crossed by them. The same was also true with the Asia Minor. This was a way to demand the returning of Helen. The Trojan king, Priam, took charge in returning the queen.

Throughout the siege, stories of the death surfaced. This included prince Hector, and as well as Achilles. Such occurrences were observed for almost a decade. This only halted to a stop one morning when the Greek armies decided to retreat from their very camp. This triggered them to leave a large wooden horse just outside the gates of Troy. Parallel to this, debate was also observed. There were also warnings sent by the daughter of Priam, named Cassandra. It was the Trojans who decided to pull the known mysterious gift. This was directed towards the city. As the night touches the day, the horse then opened up. This was the signal for a troop of Greek warrior to enter. Odysseus was leading here. He climbed out and even sacked the Troy. They did this from the inside.

The defeat of Trojan became evident then. This was the sign for the Greek heroes to go home. In order for arduous to be made, Odysseus spent almost 10 years. This was interrupted though when he was about to approach Odyssey. During the war, the husbands of Helen were killed. This was the reason why she returned immediately to Sparta, having Menelaus around.