Grover Cleveland Facts – Why is he a double president?

If there is an American president who solely stands in history by serving for non-consecutive years. During his occupancy of the White House, he was able to establish a number of Grover Cleveland facts that will always be remembered about him. What are these?

March 17, 1837, a boy given the name Grover was born. No one ever thought that he was going to be the president of the United States in the future. He was situated in Caldwell, New Jersey. He died in the same place too, however, in Princeton. He was 71 years old when he passed away.

More about Grover Cleveland

Grover was in politics for quite a long time. There was a time when he ran, but became unsuccessful. This occurred during the presidential nomination he earned in the year 1896. Needless to say, Cleveland became popular for being the 22nd and then, 24th president. This occurred for he emerged triumphant in 1884, and 1892 respectively. This transpired in general elections. However, he lost in 18888. This was against Benjamin Harrison. Benjamin was a rival of the Republicans during that time.

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The political career of Grover was really interesting.

The real name of Cleveland was far from what he was known for. He was really Stephen. He only utilized the name Grover when he turned out to be an adult. This transpired when he got tired of his name, Stephen. This was based on his experience in grade school.

He was said to be the distant relative of a man whose name was derived from the city. But then, he did not stay in Ohio. He was from New Jersey. This was in the New York state.

Needless to say, Cleveland has always been a big guy. This was the reason why he was dubbed as Big Steve. This became his pet name. He weighed 250 pounds. He was considered to be the heaviest next to William Howard Taft. There was even a fitness magazine that considered him the least healthy among the presidents there are. This transpired because he has this penchant for cigar smoking and drinking.

There was a time in the life of Cleveland when he became a teacher. He taught in New York Institute for the Blind. This was situated in Manhattan. This was his first job prior to him pursuing a career law.

Cleveland also became an office in Buffalo. The same was also true in New York for he became a reformer. When he was still a fresh-face in politics, he has a reputation for battling corruption. He was even considered a patronage of it. However, in 1881, he was elected the mayor of Buffalo. It was in 1882 when he took the governor post in New York.

During his term, Cleveland was accused of having an illegitimate child. There were beliefs that this occurred in 1874. The possibility of the occurrence was admitted by the partner of Cleveland, Oscar Folsom. The impact of the scandal was blunted later on.